Biochemistry Seminar Series: Dr. Dan Nomura

Reimagining Druggability using Chemoproteomic Platforms

One of the biggest challenges facing drug discovery is that >90 % of the proteome is currently considered “undruggable” because most proteins do not possess known binding pockets or “ligandable hotspots” that can be pharmacologically and functionally targeted for therapeutic benefit. Tackling the undruggable proteome requires the development of innovative technologies for ligand discovery AND the discovery of novel therapeutic modalities to functionally manipulate the undruggable proteome for therapeutic benefit. The Nomura Research Group is focused on reimagining druggability by advancing and applying chemoproteomic platforms to tackle the undruggable proteome, towards developing next-generation therapies and therapeutic modalities for human diseases. Our research is focused on three major themes to tackle the undruggable proteome—ligand discovery, expanding the scope of targeted protein degradation platforms, and developing new therapeutic modalities—for developing next-generation disease therapies.


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