Declaring the Major

The Biochemistry major is a physical science major that emphasizes the application of physical and quantitative methods to biological systems. Physics with calculus and lab (3 cu) and Physical Chemistry (2 cu) are required.  We note that related majors at Penn include Chemistry, Biophysics, and Biology.

Students considering declaring the Biochemistry major should follow the instructions below.

  1. Students planning on declaring the major must contact a major advisor.  The student should provides (a) tentative plans for after graduation, (b) plans (specific courses, codes and titles, and terms taken) for completing general and major requirements, and (c) plans for identifying and joining a research group at Penn if not already affiliated with a group.
  2. Subject to the approval of a major advisor, students declare the major via PATH@Penn.
  3. Students must meet with the Biochemistry Coordinator.

Admission to the major is subject to approval by Biochemistry Program advisors.